Sunday, June 3, 2012

eat shit, lil wayne

ESPN reports that Lil Wayne feels unwanted by an NBA basketball team.

Lil Wayne went to see a basketball game. Turns out, the seats he thought he was entitled to were already taken!

The nerve!

So he got butthurt and pouted to ESPN.

But for real, if I was in the seat-filling business, I wouldn't want my paying customers to have to sit next to him either.

People are starving, getting furiously slaughtered overseas, and Lil Wayne makes headlines by feeling unwanted at a basketball game.

Not only should he get flagged for the race card fail, but he apparently tried to play the celebrity card by thinking he deserves the seats that were already sold out. Already sold to someone else.

Then he went on to say that at his concerts, he deprives his loyal, paying fans of his best performances until he spots a fellow celeb in the crowd. In which case, then it's OK for him perform a little harder.

Lil Wayne is the reason people are racist.

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