Thursday, May 29, 2014

you idiots

In a recent poll, reported on by ESPN, Donald Sterling is the most hated American. Yes, that's right, a man who got tricked into saying stupid things on tape was ranked as the most hated man in America.

A person with a functioning brain would realize that Mr. Sterling's honor here is not a tragic indictment of a perceived state of poor race relations in the United States, but a confirmation that America, as a whole, is fucked.

Mr. Sterling himself is somewhat an enigma: he makes unsavory comments about nonwhites, but then repeatedly donates shitloads of money to nonwhite causes, such as the NAACP...which, I think we can all agree is generally more racist than a senile, old white dickhead. Aside from the act of blatantly discriminating against white people, any association or group, built on the foundation of "helping" a certain segment - based on skin color, while excluding another segment - based on skin color, well, that's the definition of racism, innit?

But we're not here to talk about the evils of the NAACP; we're here to share our disbelief over this poll.

To recap, Donald Sterling is the most hated man in America. Of the top 10, eight are famous through pop culture or sports, while one of the remaining two is a thief, and the other is scandal-prone scum.

Look at the list:

1Donald Sterling92
2Bernie Madoff90
T3OJ Simpson88
T3Conrad Murray88
5Justin Bieber86
6Phil Spector83
7Aaron Hernandez81
8Michael Lohan76
9Eliot Spitzer73
10Jon Gosselin71

From that list, most sane people would agree that Aaron Hernandez is associated with the most heinous acts - murdering multiple people. Note that he's charged, not convicted, so time will tell.

Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, and Phil Spector was convicted of murder. Outside of that, we're left with crooks, scum, and at the very best, shitheads. If you think merely being a shithead is enough to incur the hate of 92% of those polled, you'll be in for a very big surprise when you turn 19 or have to face reality.*

Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I think these activities are worse than saying racist things:
- killing people
- raping people
- ordering missiles to be shot at women and children (and dudes, I guess)
- war
- stealing from people
- being an asshole
- being a Kanye West or Imagine Dragons fan

It's funny, the list is telling not just in its portrait of cultural blasphemy, which shapes up to be more of a caricature, but that apparently people still think about Jon Gosselin. America, you just keep getting worse.

*whichever comes first


ESPN is now reporting that a sale of the LA Clippers franchise is close to being completed, and being pushed through by Sterling's somewhat estranged, but still part-owner wife, Shelly. The article mentions that Mr. Sterling is "mentally incapacitated" and "has dementia", as part of the reason why Shelly is able to push through the quick sale without much resistance from Mr. Sterling himself.

I don't know what forced reappropriation of propety totally means, but that sounds like an applicable term here.

Worse, Donald Sterling is apparently suffering from serious mental illness, and considering what is happening to the old fart, in a nation and society obsessed with diagnosing away excuses,  let that sink in.