Saturday, May 4, 2013

dear gun control advocate

If I could have a gun control advocate say something to me, I would like to hear something like this:

“I know the vast majority of you, gun owners, are great, law-abiding citizens. You are safe; you practice and preach gun-safety. Thank you for that. Thank you from me, for my kids. Thank you. But the fact is that guns are used to kill a lot of people – some deserving, many not. I know neither of us want to see kids and innocent people shot to shit. I know you don’t support that.  You want to keep your guns locked safely away until use for sport shooting, hunting, or home protection and that’s fine.
So before I start yammering away about blanketed gun control measures affecting you more than anybody else – the peak of a very slippery slope here – let’s have a conversation about guns being used as a weapon, to kill people.

Let’s talk about what we can do to stop guns from finding their ways into the hands of criminals, of crazies. Let’s talk about how we can stop that from happening. What can we do to drastically reduce the black market for guns?

And more importantly, what are we doing wrong as a society where so many people are turning to violence in the first place? Why are we resigned to violence as a way of life? Why are we OK with that?

Taking guns out of the hands of those with a propensity to react violently to things that don’t warrant violent reactions is a good thing. You agree. We aren't too stupid to realize that those violent people will find other violent means to lash out and hurt and kill people.

Who are these people that are so violent? And what  are Americans doing wrong?

I know that the gun control debate is so polarizing, I get that. I don’t give a shit whether you are a republican, democrat, libertarian, or turdfriend or whatever, but you are smarter than the cheap emotional pleas the president and mass media have been using to drum up support. You are also smarter than the bullshit peddled by the NRA. But I understand why you may lightheartedly support them – they support your second amendment rights.

Last, hunting is not a sport, if you hunt for sport, fuck you. Thanks for reading.”

I don't know, I think that would be a much better segue into conversation than fatalist mishandling of numbers.