Friday, September 27, 2013

the hunger games

You seen it? I seen it. Actually, I only half seen it, cause we're about halfway through, so I have no idea how it ends.

A couple years ago, it seemed to have received a lot of hype. Knowing it was based on a book and seeing it's relatively high level of popularity, I just figured it was another Twilight sequel. Not sure how exactly I made those connections, but they were made. So deal.

Anyway, Heckyeahwoman and I popped the Netflix'd dvd in the player and began our Hunger Games mission. What follows are a couple of my in-eloquent thoughts on being roughly halfway through the movie.

1. It's pretty entertaining and compelling. The dystopian future, the vaccuous masses of Hunger Games fans (for which the movie is named), and the caricature-like hosts of the Games paint a bleak picture of our intellectual fate. First thing I thought of was the NFL...on steroids.

2. The plot is a little unsettling for me. The kids killing kids thing. Also, the mid-twentysomethings playing kids. Throughout the entire movie, the premise put just a little bit of a knot in my belly. I know there are like 24 contestants, and probably 23 of them are going to die. Now don't take me for some people-loving nice guy. No, I hate homeless people and criminals just as much as you. It's just a little unsettling.

3.  Heckyeahwoman is fiiiiiiiiiiine. I kept looking over at her thinking, DAAAAAAMMMMMMNNNN WHOOOO DAT. That happens almost every movie though. #would

4. There is a sequel. I have no idea about it, but that means that the original must have done well enough at the box office for the producers to fire up HG2. Wonder if the next year's Hunger Games will be the plot for the second one.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

NFL Predictions

First game of the season: Denver over Baltimore, 27-24.


North: New England, maybe Buffalo will surprise some people?

East: Baltimore, though I would love to see Cleveland.

West: Denver, sadly, Kansas City gets lost in the for the upper level of wild card mediocrity.

South: Houston, but Indianapolis is creeping.

Wild Cards: Cincinnati and Indianapolis.

Playoffs: Baltimore over Cincinnati, Houston over Indianapolis.

Divisional: Houston over New England, Denver over Baltimore.

Conference: Houston over Denver.


North: Green Bay, not even close.

East: Dallas, eh, who else?

West: Seattle, San Francisco are hangin' real tight to their nut hairs, and St. Louis are subsequently hanging real tight to San Fran's nut hairs. And Arizona, with their D, is a-swingin real firmly from St Louie's sack. This division is going to be the NFL version of the AL East in the MLB - brutal.

South: Atlanta, but New Orleans are going to give them a run. Matchups should be a shootout.

Wild Cards: San Fran and New Orleans.

Playoffs: San Fran over Dallas, Atlanta over New Orleans.

Divisional: Seattle over Atlanta, San Fran over Green Bay

Conference: Seattle over San Fran

SUPER BOWEL: Seattle over Houston

I really hate to pick anybody over Green Bay because I think they have a legit shot at the Super Bowl, but for now, their D and O-line are too questionable. This really could be Houston's year to get to that next level...only to lose the Super Bowl haha.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


And why are we back?


Love this jam. The dude's deep voice acts as a PRE-PUMP for the insanely catchy synth-line in the chorus. THIS PUMP PUMPS ME UP SO MUCH!

Hit the record store the other day, snagged the new Vampire Weekend jam (HUGE PUMP), grabbed Bright Eyes' 'I'm Wide Awake" ('NOTHER HUGE PUMP).

Oh dog, I also grabbed 'Screamin' with the Deadguy Quintet' for $3! Already own it on cd, but awesome album for three bones, don't mind if I do. MONSTROUS PUMP RIGHT CHAIR.

But check this out, I bought a cd. Yes, Drug Church's new one, 'Paul Walker'. This album smokes.

Don't believe me? Click play and get PUMPED.

This next one sounds a bit like Snapcase. And that's not a bad thing.

Cause if it's not a bad thing, it must be a good thing. And due to the laws of physics, if it's a good thing, it must be FULL OF PUMP.

Yep, it is.

Wow, it feels good to see the first HUMP DAY PUMP UP in almost a year. Feel the PUMP.

Embrace the PUMP.