Thursday, September 5, 2013

NFL Predictions

First game of the season: Denver over Baltimore, 27-24.


North: New England, maybe Buffalo will surprise some people?

East: Baltimore, though I would love to see Cleveland.

West: Denver, sadly, Kansas City gets lost in the for the upper level of wild card mediocrity.

South: Houston, but Indianapolis is creeping.

Wild Cards: Cincinnati and Indianapolis.

Playoffs: Baltimore over Cincinnati, Houston over Indianapolis.

Divisional: Houston over New England, Denver over Baltimore.

Conference: Houston over Denver.


North: Green Bay, not even close.

East: Dallas, eh, who else?

West: Seattle, San Francisco are hangin' real tight to their nut hairs, and St. Louis are subsequently hanging real tight to San Fran's nut hairs. And Arizona, with their D, is a-swingin real firmly from St Louie's sack. This division is going to be the NFL version of the AL East in the MLB - brutal.

South: Atlanta, but New Orleans are going to give them a run. Matchups should be a shootout.

Wild Cards: San Fran and New Orleans.

Playoffs: San Fran over Dallas, Atlanta over New Orleans.

Divisional: Seattle over Atlanta, San Fran over Green Bay

Conference: Seattle over San Fran

SUPER BOWEL: Seattle over Houston

I really hate to pick anybody over Green Bay because I think they have a legit shot at the Super Bowl, but for now, their D and O-line are too questionable. This really could be Houston's year to get to that next level...only to lose the Super Bowl haha.

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