Monday, January 18, 2016

weekend update

This is more of a weekend update in name, than in content. I couldn't think of a better title, so I thought I'd cast a favorable backwards glance at my (your) beloved "weekend update" posts from, Jesus Christ, years and years ago.

Anyway, we'll cover a couple things here: the Packer game and Making a Murderer.

First, the Packer game - here is a one hundred percent unscientific analysis of it.

Shortly after the Randall Cobb injury, it hit me: the Packers are without four of their top five receivers. Think about that for a minute. How many teams could cope with that? And here they are, eventually taking the number one offense and top five-ish defense to overtime in the playoffs. That's pretty awesome. Janis and Abbrederis played pretty well, eh.

So they took the Cardinals to overtime. Why didn't they win? Easy, the Cardinals scored more points. But through my Packer bias, I saw McCarthy waste a timeout on a very questionable challenge. Woulda been nice to have that timeout at the end there, so as to not rely on a hail Mary again. Or how about Shields and his multiple interception drops, especially the late fourth quarter one, where he could have likely sealed a victory? Or Rodgers and his diminishing ability to throw the ball accurately? Or the missed pass interference calls that ended up not mattering anyway? Or another fourth quarter meltdown? But still.

But that dagger though: the overtime coin toss. That asshole ref knew the first toss was gonna come up tails, as the Packers picked, so he tossed it without actually flipping the coin, to purposefully result in a redo. And the rest is history. Unreal.

The Packers almost overcame themselves and the refs there. Almost.

So what do I suggest the Pack do? Trade Aaron Rodgers. He's clearly in physical decline. Missed throws like crazy. And I'm not talking about the receiver running the wrong route, nah, I'm talking legit misses. Overthrowing deep a bunch, missing wide open guys on the sidelines, and that joke of a dribbler to James Jones late in the fourth quarter. While his brand still has the Aaron Rodgers bling, trade him to the Texans for JJ Watt and Brian Hoyer or something. Or to the Chiefs for their big name defensive dude and Alex Smith. Capitalize now, or wallow in the next nationally televised Peyton Manning-esque QB legend twilight saga.

At least the Pats won, and we look forward to them crapping all over Cam Newton in the Super Bowl. Bonus: the Steelers and Seahawks lost! Nothing like seeing shitheads like Russel Wilson and Richard Sherman lose big. And the satisfaction in seeing Mike Tomlin and the Steelers experience a loss to a pretty inept Broncos team is immeasurable.

And as promised, Making a Murderer. It all started when I was out of town, and Heckyeahwoman told me she watched all ten episodes. She made it sound like some super rural small-town mentally challenged kids were getting charged with all these crimes and the cops were corrupt as hell. Not far from the truth, but I think she really oversold how riveting the show is. But anyway, she assured me that I'd be totally into it, and that she'd be happy to rewatch it with me. So we started it when I got back home, took a little convincing though. This was more obliging than active desire.

In my spare time, I'm not necessarily into getting bummed out. Quite the opposite actually.

And going into the series, that's what I expected - a bum out. Maybe that, combined with the dismal nature of a dreary spell of cold weather affected my feelings here. Long story short, I made it three and a half episodes before I got up and said, "fuck this, I'm done". You should know that I am not up to speed on all the happenings regarding the full story. All I know is it was bummer after bummer happening. And I was actively spending my free time getting bummed out. That sucks. That's not what HYM is all about. THIS IS WHAT WE'RE ABOUT - THE PUMP. Maybe Avery did it, and all the crap he went through was well-deserved. 

Or maybe not; I have no idea. 

But watching Brendan get "interrogated" by the police was infuriating. Dude is a cognitively disabled kid, and those pigs were feeding him his answers. That's as far as I got.

Second to last thing: Neenah native, lawyer Len Kachinsky, came across as an idiot.

Last thing, for the scores of non-Wisconsinite readers here, Manitowoc is not representative of the state.