Saturday, August 31, 2013

This is Disgusting

You may have heard about the large cat roaming around feral Detroit. Well, it has been shot. Thanks to USA Today for the quality reporting.

The cat is a Savannah, a mix of a domestic housecat and an African serval cat. Being larger than a normal feral cat, and lost in a community presumably populated by those less intellectually fortunate than many of us, the cat supposedly met it's fate after the media received complaints and blew them out of proportion.

Antwaun Asberry, one of the known complainants, skillfully articulated his run-in with the violent cat-dragon:

"When I first seen it, he looked at me," Asberry said. "I looked at him. He walked like he ain't scared of nothing. This thing is out here, bro."

Below, Mr. Asberry talks about the large cat/twerks for the camera.

Similar complaints allege the feline-beast to be large, big, not normal, and is in possession of a tail that is longer than one's arm. All descriptors are clearly hallmarks of vicious animals.

Was it feral? No, it was an escaped pet - one that was raised by its family since it was four months old.

Why was it shot? I have no idea. I mean, I have ideas, but they aren't really PC.

At the end of the day, I think it's pretty safe to say that whoever the shooter may be, it would be for the best if the shooter were to now turn the gun on him or herself.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Strife - Torn Apart / Labor Day PUMP

Now that we're semi-back-in-action, let's get this Labor Day weekend kicked off with a MONSTROUS PUMP.

Today that MONSTROUS PUMP comes from an old standby, a classic MONSTROUS PUMP deliverer, a dependable bringer of the PUMP, a band that went on hiatus for over ten years after releasing a MONSTROUS PUMP of an entire album, then released another MONSTROUS PUMP of an entire album in late 2012.

For real, if you're PUMPING this jam and NOT floorpunching the family dog all weekend, you're Labor Daying it wrong.


Me? I'll be floorpunching with the in-laws all weekend as my wife's sister is getting married. Should be a rager in the scorching heat. Oh shit, and that reminds me - I built a sick cornhole set up for the wedding, I'll try to get some pics up next week.

NPR, Are You Feeling Alright?

In a complete 180, NPR is bucking their almost dictatorial left leaning bent, and reports that there may be skepticism, and maybe even a little uncertainty in the global warming/climate change debate. Long story short, scientist Judith Curry doesn't believe there is definitive proof that humans are causing climate change.

Something I learned from my wife, without a doubt one of the smartest people I know, is that admitting that there are things we don't know is a sign of not just intelligence, but of a truly scientific mind, and Ms. Curry does just that:

"Her philosophy, then and now, is that if climate scientists would more readily acknowledge the uncertainties inherent in the issue, skeptics would more likely accept the well-established central tenets of global warming."

Listen, or rather, read, I don't want to give the impression that I'm a climate change denier; I think it's pretty obvious there is something fishy going on. What I don't totally buy is that people are to blame. Part of that stems from me not being a climate scientist. The other part stems from simply not being to stand the deification of climate change preachers and their legion of fact-hating supporters.

We don't want to harp on right vs left politicking, because obviously the issue is quite polarizing with neither side offering much of value. But seeing this supposed blasphemy has me a little riled up, albeit in a good way. It's very refreshing to read something stating the obvious, with regards to the causes of global warming: we just don't know for sure.

But then get this, seriously, NPR published a report that explicitly states, "the Earth's average temperature hasn't increased in the last 15 years".

Sample size, blah blah blah, the general warming trend, just that fact that NPR can publish that specific, unique string of letters into a sentence, is quite surprising to me.

Anyway, check out the links before they get "scientifically and ideologically revised" into lockstep world-heating paranoia!

Happy Labor Day!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bike Thievery begets Bike Thievery

Usually violence begets violence, but here we have bike thievery granting a short reprieve for said violence.

Long story short, a chick has her new bike stolen, bike-stealer posts an ad on craigslist - for the bike,  homegirl goes to "purchase" it, and on the test ride, she split.

Pretty awesome. So awesome in fact, that the story had me putting myself in her position, wishing I could do something that awesome. But that would require my bike getting stolen, and then essentially hitting the lottery by coming across a craigslist ad for it. So yeah, I hope my bike does NOT get stolen.

MSN has a sick link to the story right here.

What's the takeaway here? Even though bad things happen all the time, and never stop happening, sometimes good things happen. But they usually don't.

Woman and her bike:

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Are Kids Discriminating at the Lunch Table?

Yahoo! reports that some school districts all over the You Ess of Aye are giving up on the federal lunch program because the kids just won't eat the healthier food.

The article goes on to mention that perfectly good vegetables and fruits, AND EVEN WHOLE MEALS, are just getting tossed into the garb because little punks won't eat them. Surely there are homeless and poor people that would give a handie to a fellow bum for a meal like that.

But nah, tasty treats are getting tossed.

Couple things here, you think the federal government can just legislate away childhood obesity and poor eating habits? Even the Messiah himself can't simply snap his fingers to impose federal mandates if that mandate involves the lifting of a finger or usage of some sort of effort or sacrifice.

But beyond politics, these schools lost a bunch of money that they most likely don't have to lose. And again, perfectly edible food is getting tossed rather than being used for it's intended purpose.

Is the refusal to eat healthy food a new form of discrimination called foodism? Sure sounds like it to me.

These kids aren't allowing food to be fooded - because it's a different kind of food than they're used to. And that which we don't know scares us. Who taught these kids to be young foodists? They learn that at home?

Kids, remember, just because it's different, or something you haven't seen before, doesn't mean it's necessarily worse.

So see, an important lesson was just learned here!