Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bike Thievery begets Bike Thievery

Usually violence begets violence, but here we have bike thievery granting a short reprieve for said violence.

Long story short, a chick has her new bike stolen, bike-stealer posts an ad on craigslist - for the bike,  homegirl goes to "purchase" it, and on the test ride, she split.

Pretty awesome. So awesome in fact, that the story had me putting myself in her position, wishing I could do something that awesome. But that would require my bike getting stolen, and then essentially hitting the lottery by coming across a craigslist ad for it. So yeah, I hope my bike does NOT get stolen.

MSN has a sick link to the story right here.

What's the takeaway here? Even though bad things happen all the time, and never stop happening, sometimes good things happen. But they usually don't.

Woman and her bike:

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