Friday, August 30, 2013

Strife - Torn Apart / Labor Day PUMP

Now that we're semi-back-in-action, let's get this Labor Day weekend kicked off with a MONSTROUS PUMP.

Today that MONSTROUS PUMP comes from an old standby, a classic MONSTROUS PUMP deliverer, a dependable bringer of the PUMP, a band that went on hiatus for over ten years after releasing a MONSTROUS PUMP of an entire album, then released another MONSTROUS PUMP of an entire album in late 2012.

For real, if you're PUMPING this jam and NOT floorpunching the family dog all weekend, you're Labor Daying it wrong.


Me? I'll be floorpunching with the in-laws all weekend as my wife's sister is getting married. Should be a rager in the scorching heat. Oh shit, and that reminds me - I built a sick cornhole set up for the wedding, I'll try to get some pics up next week.

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