Tuesday, May 10, 2016

netflix and chill

We recently overhauled our Netflix DVD queue because it was getting pretty barren. Yes, we still receive DVDs in the mail. It's nice - there's no dicking around about what movie to watch; it arrives, and we watch the two DVDs per month. But don't worry, we now subscribe to stream Netflix too (about a year now, and Amazon Prime).

Last Friday's Netflix arrival was Trainwreck, the hilarious comedy from the guy who brought you the other hilarious comedy, Bridesmaids. No idea how it got on our queue because I thought it looked stupid, whatever, so we watched it.

Going in, I wasn't familiar with Amy Schumer outside of knowing she's another blonde vapid celebrity comedienne. Cool. Also, she gets attention for being what Hollywood calls "plus size" or something; that's insane. She's not as skinny as a typical starlet, which is refreshing, but certainly nowhere near plus size or fat. I'd guess she's somewhere between kinda skinny and normal.

It started off pretty funny with Amy's dad (Colin Quinn) comparing extramarital affairs to dolls, light lollage there. But then Amy took center stage, and the first thing I noticed was that her delivery came across like a standup routine, like she wasn't talking with the other characters, instead delivering a comedic routine to them.

I don't think she produced a LOL until two thirds of the way through. She wrote the movie, so I don't know, maybe she generously distributed all the funny stuff to EVERYBODY ELSE.

In fact, John Cena, the WWE wrestler was in the movie, and he was hilarious. Dude had both Heckyeahwoman and I ROFLING during the movie theater scene. Lebron James had a supporting role, and despite not being a very good actor, he was great! He seems like a turd off the court, but his role was a perfect complement to everybody else, and his lines were funny enough. Nice job, Bron Bron.

Overall, it was pretty dumb, which makes me wonder, who the hell would purchase this movie to presumably watch more than one time? What kind of person would that be?

BONUS! Here's a quick recap of our Netflix activities over the past couple months.

Love, season 1 - short eight show season about two hipsters/degenerates that fall kind of in love. The main female character starts out likable, but by the end is kinda nuts. Some funny parts, would watch season two (not till 2017 or something!)

Flaked, season 1 - Will Arnette is a recovering alcoholic and sprinkles goofy and sometimes geniunely funny comedy in with more serious stuff, like the alcoholism. It was good, but they didn't always nail the comedy/serious dichotomy.

Bloodline, half of season 1 - Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights returns! Only this time as a dude that curses sometimes! And not as Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights. We are only a couple episodes in, but it's pretty good, though some of the plot lines seem far fetched.

and chill

Also, not interested in Game of Thrones.

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