Wednesday, April 27, 2016

please don't vote

We've been kinda quiet on politics over this horrible election season. Considering the media sponsored candidates, there's not a lot to say other than, "this sucks".

Ever since I've been able to vote, I've voted for the anti-war, pro-equality, anti-racisim, pro-freedom, pro-peace, anti-violence candidate. Well, every year except for 2004 when I voted for John Kerry lol embarrassing. I faltered. And in all these years, I've seen society move in the exact opposite direction of what I'm voting for. That sucks.

On politics and punk rock: 

When George W. Bush was President, it was impossible to not notice the punk rock community rallying against his completely failed presidency. Eight years of that guy would make any reasonable person pretty pissed off. But what I did not expect was what would come as a result: the widespread, unquestioned embracing of the Democratic party by the punk community. MoveOn, John Kerry, Barack Obama, all received blind endorsement by the loudest voices in punk rock.

What started as rage directed at shitty presidencies, became mindless endorsement of the closest, most visible opposition they could find. But for a community that is supposedly about DIY, the underdog, thinking critically and independently, working hard, and all that other bullshit, they sure do tend to support huge corporations and the government telling them how to live their lives. Is that punk?

Bush got a lot of heat for two main reasons: the war in Iraq and being a corporate lapdog. But the minute a Democrat took office and did the exact same things, it's all of a sudden cool. The current president has killed more non-whites than Bush did, and then he gave his buddies at insurance companies the best gift ever: a law that forces Americans to buy their product. I can't make this up. 

Punk rockers, lol.

On Trump: 

A lot of people seem to not like Trump so much. Understandably so: he's a loudmouth, he's arrogant, his hair, he doesn't apologize for being white, straight, or male, he might be borderline racist, all among other things. Seems he just can't win with any of the most vile groups of politicians either: establishment Republican politicians and Democrats or "progressives".

But he does appear to resonate with some folks who are sick of 16 years of shitty presidentry, along with what might be described as "tea-partiers". When I say "tea partier", note that I mean Republicans basically, the group the media assigned as (the new) tea partiers. Because that's really what tea-partiers are now, just shitty Republicans. Not that most Republican aren't shitty; they are.

Anyway, the media is painting a picture of Trump as the worst thing ever. Full disclosure here: I don't plan on voting for him (assuming he wins the nomination), and am not a Trump supporter beyond having to choose between him, Cruz, Sanders, or Clinton. Well, and the important fact that "progressives" seem to be getting triggered furiously at the mere thought of him. I do fully support his candidacy being a microaggression for chumps.

Think about this comparison: African American males commit crime at an insane rate. I don't think anybody would dispute that. The reasons for it happening, yeah, that is debated and slightly more complex. But you have folks defending it by blaming everybody but the actual perpetrators; they're blaming poverty, white people, low income, white people, racism, white people, everything. That all can be grouped together and called "the environment" and of course "white people". When Tyrone and Jerome and friends burn a white girl alive, we blame the environment, while excusing and defending these young pleasant lads.

BUT, when Trump says something stupid, he and only he is the worst thing in the world. I am not sure how things can work two ways. The off-kilter blame game kinda undermines the whole thing. Freewill is both a thing and not a thing, apparently, depending on convenience and political leaning.

This is skepticism, basic scientific reasoning and logic all being cast aside for an agenda. That to me is more terrifying than a Trump-Cruz-Clinton-Sanders super mega presidential ticket.

Political fun facts: 

There are (a few) candidates, a whole party even(!), running for President that are against violence, war, inequality, government greed, and corporate greed. Bet you didn't know that. There are also those same candidates running locally!

If George Bush did what Hillary Clinton did, you can be sure the media would be hanging that Presidential failure even more than they did. Liberals and progressives would think it's the worst thing ever.

Come to think of it, when George Bush did the same things that Barack Obama does, it was the worst thing ever.

The only things Donald Trump really has going for him are a ruthless marketing team and a seemingly peaceful foreign policy. He is pandering to the same IQ level that Clinton and Sanders pander to, and both groups both seem to be equally open minded: not very.

If Michael Moore was not alive any longer, the world would either not notice, or slightly improve.

I am not a Republcan because they hate me for not being rich.

I am not a Democrat because they hate me for being white, straight, male, and not rich.

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