Friday, December 30, 2016

favorite albums of 2016

In no order, here are some of this year's albums that I enjoyed/listened to the most. Check the links in the band - album name if you are so inclined.

Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow
Really chill pop rock, catchy AF. Lead singer was apparently in jail for stabbing a dude, got out, and started this band.

Culture Abuse - Peach
This album is awesome. Catchy, poppy, sometimes Nirvana-y mid-tempo punk rock pop grunge. I don't know, I probably listened to this album the most this year.

Murder Made God - Enslaved
No idea that brutal death metal could be this catchy.

Angel Du$t - Rock the Fuck On Forever
Vocalist from a super tough hardcore band forms a super fun, super catchy punk rock group, and this is what happens.

Wormed - Krigsu
The vocals are unintelligible. FYI, this is death metal. That pseudo-horizon tho.

Cognitive - Deformity
If you ever wondered what brutal technical death metal should sound like, this might be it.

Destroyer 666 - Wildfire
Awesome heavy metal. Try not to get too PUMPED when listening to the linked up jam.

Joyce Manor - Cody
Another album of infinitely catchy pop punk indie rock from these guys.

And this is a last minute add:

Fury - Paramount
This reminds me of the first time I heard Have Heart, one of my favorite/most listened to bands of the this millennium. Powerful, modern hardcore, with a great throwback feel. The album smokes, and I see myself listening to this a lot.

Here are a couple awesome songs from 2016, where the whole albums didn't really grab me:

I thought this Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam jam was pretty fantastic. Apparently it's the lead singer of a band called The Walkmen working with a dude from Vampire Weekend. Don't know about The Walkmen, but Vampire Weekend is pretty sweet.

Wanted to like the new Regina Spektor album, but it is mostly meh. This song is great though. OK, and Bleeding Heart is pretty awesome too.

Biggest disappointment of 2016: No new Abominable Putridity album!

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