Wednesday, June 29, 2016

daddy got some new clothes

Recently I have acquired a couple new articles of clothing. If you are curious about how two expensive pairs of shorts and one free pair of socks are working out for me, read on. If not, check out lemon party dot com. (Mom, if you're reading, do NOT check out lemon party dot com).

Chrome Folsom Shorts

My search for the ultimate short that will not reveal ass sweat (while commuting/running errands on a bike) and that is not a gym short, led me to the Chrome Folsom Short. The bad news is that they wound up failing that test. The good news is that they are probably the nicest shorts I've ever owned. Normally $120, I got them for $60 on clearance. Their "olive" color, is actually more of a greyish olive, and I prefer it to the more "olivey" color online.

They are stretchy, feel bombproof, feature solid seam placement for on-the-bike durability, and feel great. Apparently they are liquid resistant too. Though not liquid resistant from the inside, especially when seated on a bicycle mashing up hills like a mofo. I tested them out on a sunny, warm ride to the grocery store, and when I got home, I did notice visible light ass sweat. This was likely present when I was shopping too, lol/crap. It did dry super fast though.

My only gripes are that the front pockets are a little shallow, and that the other colors are still $120 each. I will be looking at their cargo shorts in the nearish future.

Side note here, Chrome makes really nice stuff. I have their Warm Shirt Jacket, and it is warm as hell. The Chrome wallet I have, forget the name, is really sturdy and nice, but the edge sewing got frayed really fast.

Chrome Merino Crew Socks

A couple years ago, I discovered wool socks, and really, just nice socks in general. While Smartwool Run-light PHD socks are as good as it gets for me, at least in terms of comfort and performance, these Chrome socks are fantastic for cycling. I like that Smartwool sock because of the really cush padding, where Chrome's doesn't have that, but they are foot specific, which is cool.

For cycling and casual usage though, it will be tough to beat this sock. They feel fantastic on my feet. And their socks are priced to move; I think they're running a deal where you can get three pairs for the price of two.

Pearl Izumi Journey Shorts

In my search for the ass-sweat-no-show-short-that-isn't-a-gym-short short, I found this particular piece. After the Chrome Folsom short, I decided I would have to go with something in black, due to it's natural ability to (kinda) hide when I'm pitting out (in the pit or otherwise). What we have here is a casual looking short, that comes with a bonus liner! So for $60 I got a light, stretchy pair of shorts AND a really nice liner/chamois!

The shorts themselves are really nice. Only two pockets up front though, but fit great. The liner is dope too - really big and really padded. My first ride in them was awesome. Also, the liner is removable, but I don't totally trust the mechanism that attaches liner to short, as putting on the tight liner when attached made me feel as if I might accidentally tear it out of the shorts. No biggie, I'll wear the liner with other shorts too.

Bonus Pearl Izumi coverage: I have a long sleeve jersey and cycling socks, both really nice. A lot of their stuff screams OBVIOUS ROADIE, while I prefer a more casual look.

Update: I typed this draft about a month and a half ago and then forgot about it. The good news is that I can confirm that all the stuff here has been used furiously and is holding up really well.

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