Thursday, April 3, 2014

Guess I Spoke Too Soon

Remember when we talked about how awesome Richard Sherman is? Yeah, guess I was kinda wrong.

He's a professional athlete. It's not his job to be wise, intelligent, or worldly. All he's gotta do is play football at a high level. And with the Eagles recently releasing Desean Jackson, Sherman took to his pen to play the race card.

Note that the Eagles have never publicly said a word about the move, which I think we can all agree is the right thing to do.

Because of the team's silence, and because it is the NFL offseason, there's a lot of speculation about the team's motives: from Jackson's potential gang ties to him being a (well-documented) high-maintenance, me-first player, to being too high of a salary cap hit, to the possibility that new coach Chip Kelly might be an arrogant asshole and doesn't have the patience to deal with an immature, yet talented fuck like Jackson -most likely it's some combination of all four, and other stuff.

But dude is coming off a year of season-high stats.

As you read Sherman's piece, you might notice his comparison to Riley Cooper's drunken utterance of the n-word. Going forward, this will be the default comparison for whenever something not completely understood happens to a black athlete.

I may never understand a culture that views fighting dogs and acting like a criminal as no worse than saying something really stupid when drinking. Maybe it's because I'm racist. Also lol @ implying that Cooper was rewarded for his stupidity with a nice contract. Likely, Cooper's solid showing this season, his "grinding through adversity", as Sherman says, when the number two receiver went down, is what got that nice contract.

Though it may be naive to assume that a free agent wrapping up a stellar season on a rookie contract deserves to get rewarded with a raise, you know, just because it's been happening since the NFL started.

With his fair and balanced analysis on Colts owner Jim Irsay's recent troubles, you might think Mr. Sherman believes African Americans to be beyond reproach, while whites pop pills with only the most malicious of racist intents.

I'll be the first to admit that Jim Irsay is an asshole. Look at him below. That's a multimillionaire, an owner of an NFL team. He also struggles with pills, lol (heh, fuk'n crack'rs n their rich ppl pillz). I'd have no qualms about it if he died tomorrow.

Anyway, Mr. Sherman, goes on about how nobody suggested that Mr. Irsay had drug trafficking ties because he got pulled over with a buncha pills and $29k in cash...on him. Like, isn't that what rappers brag about?

Bottom line, shit like this is the reason people are racist. Second bottom line, Jim Irsay is a pretty compelling reason for hating white people.

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