Friday, January 3, 2014

reality check

Yeah wow, so a week or two ago I inadvertently inspired some dude to have what would become a full blown textbook internet meltdown. I'm still reeling from his words-like-daggers. We all are.

I wanted to wait a good couple of weeks for it to blow over before I commented and really spilled my feelings. That, and "the holidays", man.

Anytime somebody takes bits and pieces of what you say or write - out of context - and then applies their own misguided and uninformed worldview, and then repeatedly owns you in the comments section of YOUR OWN BLOG, yeah, it can be humbling. Adding insult to my injury, he cursed furiously.

It was bad.

Hurt feelings aside, there is a silver lining.

Most internet meltdowns rarely come sans unintentional lols, and jordan's John Krukian swings at sarcasm produced the lols. Notable was his umbrage with my alleged "dismissing of the impoverished, marginalized people of Chicago". Luckily for the Windy City downtrodden, his internet rant single handedly un-impoverished and de-marginalized those fine folks. I think we all agree that the best way to help those in need is through profanity-laced internet tirades. Truly a gilded heart, that jordan.

Despite perceived differences, it's pretty clear we are more the same than not.

1. We both take to the internet to piss people off - though I think all parties involved would agree that he has a tendency to get considerably more worked up. And way sweatier, if you can believe that. Hey, getting pissed and sweaty is punk, which means he basically just turned his dark living room into a basement punk show! Something I could never do, not being a punk and all.

2. Neither of us employ anything novel or unique in our internet rantings. But to be fair, who really does? By-the-numbers internet trolling comes in both blogging and commenting forms.

3. We both find pleasure in reading and rereading my blog posts. Though his pleasure seems to turn quickly into anger, which turns me from being flattered into kinda wondering if he's going to have a meltdown in real-life.

4. We are both better than you, and we will go to painstaking internet lengths to write about it.

Anyway, jordan is probably just a friend of a friend; we may have even met at some point. Otherwise, I have no idea how he could have stumbled from his highbrow internet reading to something like heck yeah, man.

jordan, if you're out there, and this finds you, please show mercy in the comments section.

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