Wednesday, November 20, 2013


If you know anything about me at all, you probably know that I love being PUMPED UP and that I enjoy getting PUMPED UP when Mariachi el Bronx magically plays PUMPTUNES through the PUMPRADIO.

Oh hey look, they have a nice slow little jam that gets me AMPED:

Yeah, that was kinda slow and sad and unPUMPY. :(

boo fucking hoo

Still a good ass song, jerks. How about a little humor to PUMP you up? We got about 30 minutes of funny crammed into a quick eight minutes. Don't know much about this Gorburger thing, but I do know that it is indeed ROFL-worthy.

What happens when an awesome punk band gets bored with punk and decides to play acoustic shows, but then before they can even play an acoustic show, they think that's dumb and instead play mariachi jams?

Mariachi el Bronx is what happens!

And the results are POSITIVELY PUMPY!

A couple albums in, great reviews, a wake of sold-out and overPUMPED shows in their wake, yeah I think the mariachi version is more popular and successful than their day-job band, The Bronx.

And then these dudes went on Letterman and totally killed it!

Chances are that you're a turd and will never kill it on Letterman. Or the Gorburger show. Or on a full length album or two full of awesome mariachi jams.

But don't let that derail the PUMP. Don't let anything ever stop the PUMP. Lower your expectations and get PUMPED about that mediocrity in which you revel.

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