Thursday, April 12, 2012

not really anything funny

Since the holidays I've dropped probably about ten pounds. Maybe a little more. Either way, I'm right around 185. Funny, cause my goal weight was 200, and instead I wound up losing poundage and getting further away. Now I'm just trying to get fit, lean, and RIPPED AS FUCK, YOU PUSSIES.

Had a little hiccup with a minor injury, if you could even call it that. Yeah, got a little case of retrocalcaneal bursitis. Retro-what?

Basically where my achilles attaches to the bone in my foot, that spot is inflamed, right at my heel. The tendon is kind of tight, and kind of tight means tight enough for the bursa sack to get pissed/inflamed. After about a month of limping around, I finally went to the doctor, and he told me to just ice it. And to chill out on working out for a bit. Riiiiiight.

It was starting to feel better, but then I went to see Andrew WK in late March, got up front, and jumped around, and it got super sore.

Luckily I found Heckyeahwoman's moon-boot looking foot-immobilizer thing. Wore that for a week, iced furiously, and we're feeling all kinds of better. Just need to have this ish healed up for the work softball season.

Basically for the last two weeks, I've been working out at home - a combination of yoga and body weight exercises. My brother pushed me to step up my pushup game, and I did, to the tune of banging out 80 pushups in a row, on the reg.

No biggie.

90, then 100, maybe by end of April.

One routine I came up with, and am really enjoying at home is what I'm calling calling 38's or maybe THE THIRTY EIGHT. Anyway do this in a row, no rest between each of the four moves (1 set), rest a minute, then do it again and again till you're at four sets. Do some more exercises, then do two more. Then do some more exercises.

5 pullups
15 pushups
10 body weight squats
8 hanging ab raises

Spit gets my heart rate a-PUMPin'.

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