Wednesday, April 4, 2012

media player meltdown

if windows media player doesn't stop fucking around with me, i'm going to smash this fucking computer and skype it to the goddamn internets.

i don't even know what the fuck happened. one day media player was working fine, the next day it only plays one song, then pauses. the problem is that my entire music library no longer automatically feeds into the playlist, and plays continuously.

now when i play a song, that one song goes into the playlist, it plays, and that's it. what the fuck.

i recently synced my ipod to this computer, and i think somehow that fucked up the operation.

yep, somehow apple manages to fuck things up even when i'm not even using apple programs.

what a waste of an hour and a half last goddamn night, trying to fix this shit.

i am so glad that steve jobs is dead.

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