Wednesday, February 12, 2014


In drinking my morning coffee and truly enjoying it, savoring every sip, I had a fleeting thought of drinking coffee exclusively, forgoing whiskey, and becoming a straightedge warrior. Hell, I even tweeted Cameron's Coffee about it.

But then I remembered that caffeine is a drug too. And ain't no way in hell Ima drink that decaf.

Whatever, in that fleeting moment, I had the good sense to CRANK ON some Path of Resistance jams. I even facebooked about it. Then I thought it better to make it official: HUMP DAY PUMP UP.

Just remember, I can't blame you for your utter weakness, but you can't blame me FOR MY DISGUST.


Snow is falling today. Gonna have to shovel when I get home. Nature is an unstoppable force, and like nature, YOU CAN'T STOP THE TRUTH.

Are you in the market for a new anthem? Of the straightedge variety? Well look no further, because your friends at HYM International care about your militant vegan straightedge well-being. As such, we have the following song to get you PUMPED and through the foggy haze of drugs.

And oh my, what a nice little treat, a generic hardcore band covers THE ABOVE STRAIGHTEDGE ANTHEM!

Even though I didn't need a PUMP today, one just happened to appear right when I least expected it. That's the sensation I'm hoping to share with you today, friends.

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