Friday, October 25, 2013

volcano choir show review

Sorry for the hold up on the review, but last Saturday night we went and saw Volcano Choir. In case you're not a hipster, they are Justin Vernon, of Bon Iver Grammy-fame, and like five other dudes. I believe the band was around prior to Bon Iver and is now his main project.

Well, it looks like there will be another hold up on the show review - expect it next week sometime. While waiting, the following is a brief anecdote from my recent trip to the dentist.

I went to the dentist.

I got my teeth clean'd.

I got fillings.

Notice the "s" in fillings, denoting multiple fillings. Please note that they were "re-fillings" on old cavities from when I was a young punk.

It was as we were wrapping up when the real meat and potatoes of this story occurs. Just as I was getting ready to split, the dental hygienist axed me one, she asked me what type of cologne I was wearing, because I smelled good.

Without missing a beat, my reply: "at my age, just not stinking is the only cologne I ever wear now".

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