Friday, August 3, 2012

home ownership

After an extended absence, it looks like we are going to reignite Heck Yeah, Man here, focusing on our experiences buying and maintaining the HYM Inc. mansion/headquarters in beautiful Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

That said, I'd like to preface this by saying that I am an asshole. I know it; those who love me know it, and that will probably never change.

Until June 8, 2012, I had never actually purchased a house. Never owned a home. Never did the homeowner thing. This is all first time stuff for me. But on the plus side, I'm not a complete idiot and I like to think that I'm able to give a fair audit of my (our) experiences here.

Overall the experience was very positive - we got the house we wanted, at the price we wanted, with the mortgage rate and terms that we wanted. At times it was kind of stressful, but in the end things worked out.

Stay tuned for my review of our experiences with the realtor.

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