Friday, April 19, 2013

YOU'RE SCUM 4.19.2013

We're back with more YOU'RE SCUM.

First, our thoughts go out to all those affected by the horrible explosions in Texas and Boston. The Boston perpetrators are indeed SCUM, not just today, but always.

That said, there is plenty of subliminal scum just lurking. Let's go ahead and name a few.

David Sirota, you are not just SCUM, but you are a full blown piece of shit.  For racist reasons still unknown, you hope the Boston Marathon bomber is white. What?! Well Scum Sirota, I hope that you and/or your family are victims of the next terrorist attack. With charged garbage barely passable as sentences, you not only identify yourself as a typical liberal talking head, but as SCUM. The only surprise here that you get any points for at all is not blaming the bombing on guns.

Today we have a two-fer, with additional SCUM:

Michael Moore, YOU'RE SCUM. It's no secret though, fatty U BEN SCUM 4 A WYLE. Keeping with the theme of hoping the bomber is white, Michael Moore tweeted, and I have no idea where this came from, that allegedly the Tea Party was behind the bombing. Not seeing the connection.

Maybe you should stick to making horribly biased movies, which even Christopher Hitchens* thinks are shit. Or Maybe don't.

The brand of bias you peddle is easily recognized as garbage, so with that, I guess I'm thankful we're lucky that you aren't smart enough to disguise your agenda as science, ala another deified fraud. Deifraud?

*Christopher Hitchens is an atheist.**

**Christopher Hitchens is an atheist.***

***In case we didn't mention it already, in honor of Mr. Hitchens, we are again mentioning that he is an atheist, per his wishes and writing style.