Monday, October 29, 2012

note to self

It is better to be an African American man that orders the murder of countless innocent Muslims than a White Christian woman who goes from irrelevant to relevant via the utterance of a stupid un-PC sentiment.

She's crazy. She doesn't matter anymore. Ann Who? OH MY GOD SHE CALLED SOMEBODY THE R-WORD.

So next time I want to call somebody a retard, I'll instead just go order a bunch of innocent Muslims to get shot with missiles.

Holy shit I hope all of you PC fucks get AIDS. Or get blasted with missiles.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

just a quick thought

While browsing facebook last night during and after the presidential debate, it was hard not to be humbled by the many intelligent, well-written, thoughtful, informed, and just all around reasonable status updates that flooded my feed. Ok, that's not true, I didn't catch a single status update that had even an inkling of the qualities mentioned above.

One reason is because 95% of my friends and their updates are hidden. The other reason is because they are politically vacuous.


It was then that something occurred to me. For the first time in my short 37 year existence, we have two (2) presidential candidates who genuinely care about the good of the nation, and would like to see the beaten down middle class rise above.

One candidate doesn't look down on me because I'm poor. The other doesn't look down on me because I'm white. The sun is shining today, friends.

We truly have two candidates with immensely differing versions of our future. In fact, they are fundamentally so many worlds apart, that when viewed from a reasonable distance, they are virtually indistinguishable. An American paradox.

Two gentlemen, at least 25 years older than I, and I couldn't imagine being able to relate to them more. Just two of the most humble guys you'll ever meet, and me, just kickin' back, havin' a couple cold ones on the back porch. Just like old times.

Cherish these times, my friends, and put your differences aside, as I believe the times of political turmoil are behind us.

Revel in the fact that come November, no matter who wins, we all win.