Friday, December 6, 2013

science and stuff

I'm married to a scientist and I think it's been pretty furiously established that she is way smarter than I. And now, however begrudgingly, I admit that she's better looking than me too. BUT NOT MORE RIPPED. And I definitely have nicer bikes than she does and more guitars than her and I can do a shitload more pull-ups than she can.

Anyway, she's a scientist, and I swear I've heard her mention something about sample sizes and graphs and science and stuff.

This blogger, not me, but the one in the first link, has a slight habit of hating facts and submitting to the limited worldview of which many truth-hating liberals subscribe. Note that he is often a source of awesome blog posts too. But his recent post, with its cute little graph (below), combined with this laugher, have a synergy that really tripped my trigger.

At first glance, that may be quite disturbing - OMG look at that sick downward trend! Notice that in 1979, we were just above a 7, and 2013 appears to be wrapping up just below a 6. And oh jeez, 2012 was just below a 4 and we're now up almost 2 whole units, since then!

Kudos to him though for caveat'ing it with the note that the horizontal scale doesn't go to the beginning of time. It's like homeboy knew exactly the demographic of climatards that would get their rocks off with an alarming graphic like this, and wanted to cool their jets (no pun intended haha, energy wasting hypocrite fucks).

Funny, cause a good pal-o-mine posted this seriously non-ironic piece from the ever-fair-and-balanced HuffPo. I think we can all agree that if we lived in a truly mathematically literate world, super-bullshit-biased businesses like HuffPo, Salon, Slate, Fox, other neocon-d-sucking sites I don't even know about, and the remaining shit-peddlers wouldn't even need to exist.

Obviously there is indeed something going on with the climate - it's changing. Note that I'm not an expert on climate change, or anything really outside the realm of "nonstop chilling", but it sounds like once you take politicians and idiots out of the conversation, there is no consensus on the actual causes.

Sidenote here, and a great way to kick off your weekend with a PUMP!, but this link gets me all kinds of PUMPED UP. I can't believe this hasn't happened already!


Anonymous said...

"politicians and idiots out of the conversation, there is no consensus on the actual causes"

we cut down all the trees, dug up all the oil, and set everything on fire. average temperature and atmospheric CO_2 vary directly. the fact is that human activity has caused the average temperature to rise. is this good/bad? i dont give a fuck, i hope everyone drowns, big chunks of canada become beautiful farmland and we hang out on the beaches of alaska. actually, i just hope everyone dies. also all other life, but bugs and rats and shit will probably find a way, fucking bastards.

Beer said...

I bet I know who that was ^^^ and I miss him.