Thursday, November 14, 2013

we are all the same, unless

Real quick, this article breaks the US into eleven different "nations" based on highly cherry-picked data, grandstanding, and stereotypes.

Here's his map:

Courtesy Tufts Magazine

The author of this insane blog post about the article keeps on the stereotypes-train. Normally I'm cool with that, because, uh, stereotypes aren't just invented out of thin air. And they're an easy way to dismiss the asshole that just walked by you on the street as less than a person.

Yeah, they're efficient.

But it's like the dude did a quick scan of the article, saw some political talking points (of which there were many), and went about demonstrating a startling lack of a grasp on evolution, anthropology, sociology, and all those other big words that describe the (sometimes very soft) science of people.

Basically he's saying it's OK to segregate, separate, and subtly disparage groups of people as long as it's Southerners and whites. The post doesn't say that? Maybe you can't read between the lines. Or maybe you didn't finish the it.

At the end he preaches about gun control and violent deaths, then equates owning guns with valuing self-sufficiency, independence, and being skeptical of the governmental nanny-state. I don't know what the word for that logical fallacy is, but it appears kinda like he is talking about those with Libertarian views, as kind of crazy and prone to violence. Thing is, crazy and violence are two things Libertarians are against. And have been, vocally, and kinda built their entire platform around.

A bit of a deeper look from Salon (lol) shows that Libertarians are (even) whiter (and richer) than GOPers! Oh Salon, your white-people hating, rich-people hating, anybody that dare disagree with the messiah-hating, and fact-hating is just so cute! Very scary how the garbage peddled there gets pawned off as truth - 'nother story for 'nother time.

Equally scary is the original article and the very selective data and highly dubious wording.

Possibly instead of "Salonning" Libertarians and whites, the "author" could dig a little bit deeper into the harsh and inhuman causes of horrible things like self-sufficiency, independence, and skepticism. Maybe even honestly look at violent crime statistics.

Unfortunately, that would involve ugly things like statistics, facts, and honesty. It would involve truth.


Because there's the actual violent crime statistics, that have been excused, passed off, pardoned, and absolved for reasons still not fully understood. Like, if you're going to talk about violent crime and the victims, one would think it would make sense to talk about the perpetrators.

Nah, not here!

The takeaway here from the original article and blog post: white, southern Libertarians are bad, violent, crazy people and they only believe that violence is the answer to everything.

For the record, I'm a white, northern Libertarian, that has lived in the south, and I think violence is stupid. I think self-sufficiency, independence, and skepticism are cool.

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