Thursday, November 7, 2013

martin vs incognito

By now you're all probably aware of the situation with the Miami Dolphins and their two offensive (no pun intended) lineman. If not, here's a google link to clue you in.

And if still not, here goes the cliff notes version of the story: Jonathan Martin is/was a second year offensive lineman, on the Dolphins; Richie Incognito was a veteran offensive lineman with a history of getting kicked off teams for bad behavior. As the story goes, Martin left the team, on his own volition, due to Incognito's bullying. Story hits the media, a bunch of other details come out, most notably racist text messages and voice mails left on Martin's phone, from Incognito. Finally, well, not finally, but as of right now, the Dolphins locker room seems to back Incognito.

Wait, wow, a couple things here: yes, you read that right, a grown man got bullied. Story just keeps getting weirder and weirder. First, a grown man got bullied and left the team like a chump. That's kinda strange...then it comes out that Incognito is in full-on, constant asshole-mode all day, erry day.

OK, maybe Martin isn't THAT big of a pussy. A couple days with not a whole lot of news, then BAM! the racist text messages and voice mails bomb drops, and in it, a whole lot of profanity and n-bombs!

So this overweight asshole white dude is calling an overweight crybaby black dude that which he should not be called. You'd think that would be wholly unacceptable.

But yeah, the locker room is defending Incognito.


Something else has to be going on, because back in the summer, Riley Cooper dropped some n-bomb action and his teammates weren't so quick to his defense. On the surface, this might appear that calling a nonwhite the n-word might be OK depending on the context, but I fail to see the context in which I, a ridiculously handsome white dude with pretty well defined muscles, could get away with doing such a thing.

Teammates of both players, when talking to the media, had the option of silence, but instead chose defending Incognito. It's quite telling of the locker room culture, rather, telling that there is a locker room culture that casual sports fans, and maybe even die-hard sports reporters may not understand.

It will be interesting to see where all the obvious talking points - alpha-males, lack of leadership, racism, blah blah - all fit in to this overall narrative. And is this common across the NFL, or is it specific to just a few teams with the right mix of locker room ingredients? I don't see an Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, or Peyton Manning-led team falling victim to this kind of crap.

Finally, the Dophins play the Bucs this week, and for Christ's sake I hope the Bucs QB throws to WR Vincent Jackson all goddamn day for a million fantasy points.

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