Thursday, October 10, 2013

who fault this is

The Government dun shut itself down. That is a point with very little contention. Start asking assholes where the blame should be placed, and this is where things get kinda murky.

Yes, if you start asking "assholes" to weight in on political matters, you'll be asking people that believe insane things, like:

- guns are self aware, and often times get up on their own volition and just start killing people, and only the government can stop that from happening.
- the bible has a place in science classes.
- two dudes getting married actually affects our lives in some strange way.
- war is good if a charismatic black dude starts it, but bad if an old white guy does it.
- the government's long track record of failures will somehow help them succeed in the health care industry
- other crazy stuff.

As I've been saying for years, these are the people that have babies, teach our kids at school, drive automobiles on the road next to us. We don't need them weighing in on public policy. But they still do.

Chances are, you're one of them. Yes, most likely YOU should not be voting. Or having babies, or teaching anybody anything, or driving.

Because you are maybe somewhat intelligent, and maybe a decent person, but for some reason, a huge asshat.

I digress, the government shutdown. The mainstream media seems to blame Republicans. I blame them too. Had they not pulled their big-government moves straight outta the Democrat playbook, and instead forged some sort of visible dividing line between the two parties, it would be much harder to lump them into the blame game here.

But where they are now, I guess hardball is the best option for them, regardless of how unpopular it is with the crybabies at NPR and Jizzebel.

Little rays of hope do manage to leak through the neo-con garbage collection of subhumans though, as libertarian views are gaining traction.

But I also blame Democrats. I don't know, one of them being the leader of the free world, a messianic community organizer of sorts, you'd think he'd be able know,  lead, and organize. You'd also think they'd lead by example and embrace Obamacare by actually using it, instead of opting for their cushy government healf care.

Nah, that requires work, effort, and OMG sacrifice; the only work and effort I'm seeing expended are attempts at out-George-Bushing George Bush. And def not seeing any sacrifice.

And this lol move.

What's the takeaway here? Really it's that you're the fuckup. You enabled these bipartisan dipshits to revel in the ignorance of the general populace. You fell victim to wedge issues,  marketing, hype, hope, and bullshit.

But to be fair, put yourself in the shoes of a politician. Or rather read on as I put myself in the shoes of politicians. I would absolutely take lobbist handouts from my buddies at huge insurance companies and Wall Street. I would absolutely pass on a bullshit health care plan for a much better one. I would mos def be firing missiles at people that don't speak my language. I'd probably be doing all the horrible things politicians have been doing for ages, while feeding literal shit to the news-seeking masses.

So while I may be no better than the politicians I despise, in some sort of twisted, almost circular-like crazy logic, I am better than you.

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