Monday, October 14, 2013

amateur writer's hour

Salon has long been known for their limited grasp of understanding the way the world works, coupled with a severely left leaning bias. Add to that a tragically uninformed reader-base, and they have been able to continue to spew what is essentially garbage, to what are essentially garbage consumers. Pretty sweet deal for the head honcho over there.

Then there's the having integrity, character, and looking at yourself in the mirror thing. Though something tells me that's not a dealbreaker over there.

Anyway, I'd be the first to cop to loving to condescend and belittle as many people as possible, even considering my limited intellect. But that's beside the point.

Somehow, I  came across this "piece" at Salon, from Brian Beutler. Basically he says that Republicans missed their chance to capitalize on Obamacare technical hiccups, though he curiously never mentions philosophical or political glitches, to be expected though. But then it gets scary as he plants the seeds of the possibility or in this case, inevitability of (Republican-led) sabotage of the site.

Let's take a look.

First, he rightfully notices Republicans missing a golden opportunity to instill doubt in the Affordable Care Act, with all the technical difficulties. If the government can't even get a website functioning properly, how are they going to mandate and facilitate your healthcare, doctor visits, and brain surgery? Should have been a huge red flag to not just Republicans, but to every American as well.

Predictably, he skips the mainstream media glazing over that part of the implementation challenges. Instead it was reported not as government failure, but as overwhelming support for ACA.

And don't forget, we are treated to a little color commentary in which opinion gets passed off as fact, from Mr. Beutler: "Republicans hate the idea of providing coverage to the uninsured and fear nothing more than the eventual success of the law, this was “good news” on the right."

The next line of obligatory blame for the government shutdown makes this a twofer of fact denial.
Solid journalism, bro.

Another bunch of fluff paragraphs follow, talking about the oncoming hacks and politically motivated attacks, obviously from political foes. Also, love that he includes that the attacks would be unsophisticated, because drowning in idiocy, those who merely question the messiah are akin to cavemen. Actually, Mr. Beutler, it should be cave-people. 

It's sad enough that I gave these idiots page clicks, but there are people that are not only giving them clicks, but thinking to themselves at the conclusion of the "article": "Right on! Fuckin' Republicans suck! Obama bitch!".

Listen (ha, or read), I know good journalism. Not by regularly doing it,  but because I have family members who are legit writers, big time players in the wordsmithery game. And they wouldn't pull these clown moves.

Bottom line: there is absolutely no reason for that article to exist. Much in the same way, Mr. Beutler has no redeeming social value.

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