Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Are Kids Discriminating at the Lunch Table?

Yahoo! reports that some school districts all over the You Ess of Aye are giving up on the federal lunch program because the kids just won't eat the healthier food.

The article goes on to mention that perfectly good vegetables and fruits, AND EVEN WHOLE MEALS, are just getting tossed into the garb because little punks won't eat them. Surely there are homeless and poor people that would give a handie to a fellow bum for a meal like that.

But nah, tasty treats are getting tossed.

Couple things here, you think the federal government can just legislate away childhood obesity and poor eating habits? Even the Messiah himself can't simply snap his fingers to impose federal mandates if that mandate involves the lifting of a finger or usage of some sort of effort or sacrifice.

But beyond politics, these schools lost a bunch of money that they most likely don't have to lose. And again, perfectly edible food is getting tossed rather than being used for it's intended purpose.

Is the refusal to eat healthy food a new form of discrimination called foodism? Sure sounds like it to me.

These kids aren't allowing food to be fooded - because it's a different kind of food than they're used to. And that which we don't know scares us. Who taught these kids to be young foodists? They learn that at home?

Kids, remember, just because it's different, or something you haven't seen before, doesn't mean it's necessarily worse.

So see, an important lesson was just learned here!

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