Monday, October 29, 2012

note to self

It is better to be an African American man that orders the murder of countless innocent Muslims than a White Christian woman who goes from irrelevant to relevant via the utterance of a stupid un-PC sentiment.

She's crazy. She doesn't matter anymore. Ann Who? OH MY GOD SHE CALLED SOMEBODY THE R-WORD.

So next time I want to call somebody a retard, I'll instead just go order a bunch of innocent Muslims to get shot with missiles.

Holy shit I hope all of you PC fucks get AIDS. Or get blasted with missiles.

1 comment:

TampaPCFuck said...

Hmmm, could you be referring to the President and a trolling hack?

Most likely - but no need to get your panties in a wad over it. The reality is, that it's like comparing cigarettes with a popsicle stick.

Or in Ann Coulter's instance, a poopsicle stick.

See what I did there? Poopsicle?

Also, are you sure they are all innocent Muslims? Maybe they're "retarded" for getting all shot up or for living in the fucking desert!