Monday, March 5, 2012

bbq unredemption

Long story short, a couple weekends ago we gave a local restaurant a second chance.

Another long story short, our experience amounted to basically encountering a polished turd. A polished turd that was a little bit more polished than last time.

Yes, take something good, something that you enjoy, now cut the enjoyment in half. Still sound like fun, still want to do it?

That was basically the sitch the first time Heckyeahwoman and I tried Satchel's BBQ here in Ann Arbor. Moving to MI from the south, we were pretty spoiled on insane BBQ. Of course, we didn't expect much when we moved here, but you know, whatevs.

Then one day a little BBQ joint opened up and we tried it. In fact we didn't just try it, we invited two friends. Well, one friend and one weirdo. The friend and weirdo were bummed, but not as much as we were. Like, we were talking up how awesome BBQ is, and then we all get dry as shit cornbread, dry as shit meat, and then to add insult to injury, we ate at shitty picnic tables with hokey ass farm artwork on the walls.

It literally felt like the cooks were pointing and laughing at us while we were eating.

Satchel's BBQ was a complete and utter failure. And nobody even wanted to get ice cream after :(

Enter our good friend, Groupon. Or Living Social, or Ann Arbor Real Deal whatever. HYW of course bought the Goupon for Satchel's and now we've got $16 to spend at that shithole smokehouse BBQ joint.

Great, can't wait.

Fast forward about two months, here we are, Saturday night, hungry, lurking our collection of about-to-expire Groupons.

Satchel's is sticking out like a sore thumb on a hand of pinkies.

Well our minds are mad up. Satchel's it is.

The good news:

1. The meat was way better, actually moist.
2. The cornbread was way better, not crumbling under the dehydration.
3. I didn't spend a cent over $7.53 with that sweet sweet Groupon coupon for me to poop on.


1. We still ate at goddamn picnic tables.
2. That horrible farm-themed artwork was still there.
3. They were out of pulled-pork.
4. They were out of pulled-pork.
5. They were out of pulled-pork.

How are you out of pulled-pork? Like ever?

People from the north go to BBQ places to get pulled-pork. This isn't a guess, observation, or opinion; it is truth. We don't give a shit about kielbasa, chicken, greens or mac n cheese. Ok, we do kinda give a shit about brisket, but we give a much bigger shit about pulled-pork.

So what's the take away here? I don't know, but sometimes second chances aren't deserved.

Satchels, it was Saturday night and we were one of three tables at 7:00pm; something tells me y'all won't be around when we're ready for a third chance.

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