Friday, February 24, 2012

weirdo in the bathroom

Wow, so last Saturday night Heckyeahwoman and I were out to eat at a fancy restaurant (actually a bar lol) and I had a serious case of HolyFuckINeed2Pee.

Entering the bathroom, I saw something strange: one dude urinating at the urinal and another dude urinating in the stall. The dude washing his hands is irrelevant.

Now that's not weird. But the bathroom is really small and there really only is one (1) urinal and one (1) stall. Totally cramped to get three dudes in there.

But the strange thing was the way the dude in the stall was standing, like totally trying to block from view his pathetic dong.

See the picture below for a digital illustration.

Now I've def peed much closer to dudes before - at parks, in troughs, at urinals, truck stops; you name it, I've peed next to a dude there. But the thing is, very rarely are there creepers trying to catch a glimpse of my shriveled tool. Aside from the sporadic tug n chug, it's just peeing.

So why this guy was so weird about it is anyone's guess.

But SRSLY, what a jerk. I bet he's a real uptight asshole at home.


beer said...

Old Town. I've definitely had some weird experiences squeezing past huge dudes taking their sweet time (and space) at that urinal.

heck yeah, man said...