Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The Super Bowl is over.

The Giants are champions - that's great. Congrats to them.

It was fun and all, but what did we do after the Super Bowl?

We obviously watched the season premier of The Voice!

Ok, that commercial is pretty stupid. And I was actually so loaded that I don't even remember anything from the show.

But I do remember one thing, what we did during the show. We breaded our three-legged stupid cat!

Wait, what? You what'd your three-legged stupid cat?


See how PUMPED little dumb Meow Meow looks as we put the bread on her.

Clearly that is too cute not to do to our one and a half year old son, Orange Guy. So we breaded him furiously too!

He's just loving the breading-action.

Almost as much as we love it. And because we're not savages, we used a very delicious asiago-cheese-peppercorn fancy bread. Only the best for our cat-people-children.

Right when you think things in your life are getting crappy, just remember that you're probably not a cat, and probably not getting breaded by your parents.

Who knows, maybe you are. Either way, you should be PUMPED about it.

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