Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This could be a heck yeah, man first here: I'm going to come right out and admit that I was wrong.

Straight up, when I was a sophomore in high school, I loved punk rock, still do. But I absolutely hated hardcore and heavy metal, any music with any yelling or screaming or anything. Obviously that's changed.

I remember my friend buying the classic Gorilla Biscuits Start Today album. And I remember hating it. I just thought the screaming and yelling was so stupid. As if the singers in punk bands like Strung Out or The Vandals were nailing operatic vocals on the reg lol.

But then something clicked, I don't know what happened and that song, and entire album, became a furious source of THE PUMP. Just like that, you got your boi listening to that angry music.

In fact just today I was running errands, PUMPING this album, being PUMPED UP, fingerpointing while driving around and screaming along with the window kinda rolled down.

Heck yeah.

And then right as I was coming around to Gorilla Biscuits and yelling, I saw this music video. Way more FURIOUS and ANGRY then GB ever were.

Like, what would my parents think?

But it's so awesome. Strife is so awesome. That breakdown gets me just as PUMPED RIGHT NOW AS I SIT ON THE COUCH AND TYPE THIS AS IT DID WHEN I FIRST HEARD IT OVER 15 YEARS AGO.

And like many things I believed when I was 15, I was wrong. But sometimes you just gotta be a man and look past the naivete of your youth.

One more thing, because it's HUMP DAY and WE ARE SOOOOO PUMPED UP, here is DEADGUY covering the MISFITS:


*BONUS PUMP: As you read this, or maybe a couple hours after you read this, there's a very good chance I am elbow deep in some serious sausage making. That's not innuendo, like sausage-making for real. Pictures and a narrative will of course be coming.

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