Friday, February 10, 2012

the end is near

We've all seen movies, read books (ha maybe not), or probably even had dreams about a future reality where that particular reality comes in usually one or two different versions.

The first has everything run by robots, technology is futuristic, or very advanced, and life is wonderful: nobody has to really think or make choices, they just "do", or live. Entertainment is ultraviolent, like Romans watching lions tear apart living people. Movies like I-Robot, Running Man, and Minority Report come to mind.

The other is a not so wonderful, dystopian type of reality, where future reality is literally a fight for survival. A case where our own technological ambitions wind up leading us into near oblivion. Movies like I Am Legend and The Road come to mind.

Anyway, the movies themselves are not important, what I'm talking about is the idea of either of those future realities.

Sometimes when watching TV, I'll just get a flash of a sick combination of those future realities. A feeling like, "what the fuck am I seeing, where is humanity heading? What the fuck is wrong with people?"

Take for example an ad I just saw for an upcoming MMA fight, featuring clips and stills of two dudes destroying each other. Is this really what our entertainment has devolved into? Watching two grown men, with no better reason than money, pound each other's brains into shit?

Somebody thought this would appeal to the masses. And they were right! It totally appeals to the masses! That's fucked up.

What about the NFL? Will it turn into flag football as it fades into obscurity, while an upstart football league puts on Sunday afternoon highlight reels of dudes taking cleats to their helmet-less heads, and passes that off as football games?

Are we that intellectually deficient that this is what most people would consider a great Saturday night?

I don't know, insane ultraviolence for the sake of money, or more ultraviolence, just seems kind of crazy. And where does it end? In twenty years, will we be regressing into literally throwing a bound man into a ring with a starved homeless bum savage, for Saturday night entertainment?

Maybe fans of MMA are mostly comprised of the typical slovenly, lazy masses that never had a chance to kick someone's ass in high school, and just want a violent, adrenaline-rush escape from their cubicle-based existence. I don't know. But there's no question that pro-MMA fighters are fantastic athletes in peak shape. Why squander that on violence for entertainment?

I'd honestly rather see a serious athlete get sponsored to do something unviolently crazy. Like, I'd totally watch a live stream of someone climbing Mt. Everest and then tumbling/bouncing/kinda rolling all the way down to his or her death.

Bottom line: I hate most people and would love to see many regions of the world extirpated, but I'm super worried about what it would say about me if I was super PUMPED about paying a one time fee of $19.95 plus tax for a live stream of it.

Maybe I'm just a huge pussy. Haha yeah right.

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