Monday, February 6, 2012

cruise vacation!

How about that nice little weekend. It was over before it began. Probably felt that way because I went in on Saturday.

Keeping with the work theme, lettuce jump right into it.

I'm so sorry for these conversation-themed posts, but I've been either making stuff up, or hearing just the funniest snippets. And they're making me chuckle. And I'm all about me right now. Right meow.

So there I was at work, finding myself accidentally tuning into a conversation a couple cubes down. Turns out a lady had just gone on a cruise, and she was telling a fellow co-worker about it. I silently joined probably midway through, right when I heard someone ask about the average age of the cruise-goers.

Even kind of stranger, was the answer: lightly stifled laughter.

...followed by an awkward silence.

And then her final answer, an unconvincing "it was nice".

Jumping right to the moneyshot question, the kind listener probes her deeply: "would you do it again?"

"the pause 2"

And you can't have a moneyshot question without a moneyshot answer: "I'm not sure."


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