Friday, February 17, 2012

black history month '12

Wow, over halfway into February, and I failed to properly celebrate Black History Month. Horrible.

Anyway, making up for my lack of festive posting, a lady at work has a homemade black history month poster on her cube wall. And by poster, I mean a black, green, and red magic-markered piece of white 8.5 x 11 paper. I will strive for that kind of jubilance in the future.

And since I've noticed, she's had two different informative printouts right next to the poster. One of them was an article about a civil rights activist whose name escapes me. The other is of course an obituary for the late, great junky, Whitney Houston.

Like, black history month is pretty stupid. But I think white history month would be pretty stupid too (haha jk it would totes rule) - same with any other color history month.

Why can't the hatemongers behind diversity and color-history month do something sweet? Something that would unite the youth of all races and cultures? Something that would transcend religious and regional differences?

Instead of using race as a tool to create a fissure between all of us, I think we should just scrap the race stuff, and get to what's really important, what the people really want.

Here's what I'm proposing, and I've got a couple ideas:

National Fuck Going to Work Today Month - I don't know anybody who wouldn't be 100% behind this. 'Cept maybe for a couple weirdos, but honestly, ferk them anyway.
Orange Guy is Awesome Month - If you don't think Orange Guy is awesome, I hate you. You'd have to be a real stick in the mud to not be PUMPED about our orange little cat-son.
Tell a Family Member You Hate Them Month - C'mon, this would be awesome. I mean, I don't hate my family, but it would be so awesome to see you tell your aunt that you hate her for no reason.
Sleep With a Family Member Month - Wait what? No, hear me out here: what about your hot second-or-step cousin. Or hell, if you're feeling frisky, your hot cousin that lives across the country that you never see? Don't let tradition stop you from following your heart.
Dude I'm Not Fucking Gay Because I Really Like Maroon 5 and Even if I Were, it Wouldn't Matter Month - Cause I would love my own month.

Any of those would be way better and less divisive. Plus, fuck going to work today for real.

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