Friday, January 6, 2012

mean mugger gone soft

A couple weeks ago we posted a little facebook status update that went a little something like this:

swarthy dude mean muggin' me from the comfort of his white 2007 toyota camry apreesh. #NicePumas,Bro #FamilySedansGoneWild

You remember that?

Probably not.

Anyway, the mean mugger was back in action the other day at the gym. Though this time he wasn't protected by the lush surroundings of his white 2007 Toyota Camry.

See, I was at one of the cable machines doing like my millionth fucking cable row when I see him walk up to the other cable and set up like a bar or something. He did a couple reps then went on his way.

Presumably to go raping.

Before long, I see him walking back to the cable with a dumbell full of weights, looks like homeboy gonna do some supersettin'. Righteous, bro.

Only before he could get back to his previously swarthed up cable machine, some little bearded, jewey lookin' twerp jumped out from nowhere and kifed the machine. Wow, just jumped right on it and went to town on his bis and tris. Blastin'.

Seeing this, I spun around right quick to get a front row eyeful of the ensuing confrontation.

Mean Mugger sees dude on his machine and just as innocently turns around and heads back off into the depths of the gym.

What a fucking pussy! He's going to hide behind a goddamn family sedan and mean mug at me ridin' dirty in my manly car, but the minute he's exposed and naked, he's turns into a giant VAG!

And speaking of exposed and naked - one time in the locker room he walked to the shower and back three (3) times, wearing - well, partly wearing - just a towel. Serial weirdo.


Starlette said...

You should try to have sex with him.

heck yeah, man said...

Already did!