Monday, January 23, 2012

lost on many

Banks, man. Corporations.

Yeah dude, the bad guys.

Hey man, I'm Brad, what's your name?

I'm Parker, nice to meet you Brad.

Man, lemme get a heater, I've been out here protesting all week and haven't been able to get to the 7-11.

No problem (handing the cigarette).

(lighting and taking a puff) Mmm, that's got a pretty good flavor, what is this, a Camel Light? I usually smoke Marb Lights.

Yeah, they were on sale at the BP, buy one get one.

Nice, may have to swing by later. Oh dude, I've got a cooler-full of High Lifes, let's go grab a couple.

Awesome! Did you get on their email list to get that $5-off coupon when you buy two cases?

Yeah! Sweet!

I got that too, but I'm out of cash and stupid Bank of America is gonna charge me $2.50 to use the ATM down the block! Can you believe they're going to charge me a nominal fee to conveniently access my money, rather than carrying my entire checking balance around with me wherever I go!?

Right. I'm with them too, do all my banking, my 401k retirement fund, my car loan, and they're trying to charge me ATM fees!



Dude let's check out the Honda booth and then walk over to get some free Red Bull samples at their table.

Fuck yeah.

Anyway, if you want a funny snapshot of that whole debacle, click here.

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