Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Well I don't know where you are, but I'm just arriving back into town after an insane holiday week and a half.

Coming up on Friday, we've got my favorite albums of 2011!

I think it fitting that we should load up the last HUMP DAY PUMP UP of 2011 with some of THE PUMPIEST JAMS FROM THIS YEAR. Well, not from just this year, just the tunes that PUMPED ME UP THE MOST.

Let's kick things off with the officially PUMPIEST and MOST TIMES PUMPED vid on this blog. We have been jocking The Promise's My True Love literally for years now.

And for good reason.

Who doesn't love to listen to a grown man yell about his true love? Even if it is a funny subculture dedicated to not drinking, not drugging and not having promiscuous sex UNPUMP :(

Words can not describe how furiously I living room mosh when Heckyeahwoman isn't home!

Not down for some good old fashioned hardcore? Picture this:

Super handsome dude walking down the aisle, about to sign his live over to a hot chick ten times smarter than he. Imagine, no, SAVOR, the look on this gentleman's very soon to be mother in law's face when THIS SONG STARTS UP!

Not only is this a ridiculous song, but it was the last thing I heard before I lost my ability to plow all the bitches' bowels. Seriously, I was so PUMPED while this song was playing, it was all a blur thecokehelpedtoo.

This next jam, if you don't know this riff, get outta here. Second straightedge anthem out of three? somebody making a serious lifestyle change for 2012?

FUCK NO, I love to be PUMPED and some of the PUMPIEST bands get their PUMPS from not being PUMPED about things that other people are SUPER TOO PUMPED for. You follow that?

If you look me in the eye and honestly tell me that a chubby, down-syndrome looking Karl Buechner screaming, "STREET BY STREET, BLOCK BY BLOCK, TAKING IT ALL BAAAAAACK....A FIRESTORM TO PURIFY!" doesn't PUMP YOU UP, you can look forward to a relatively PUMP-FREE 2012.

Remember, on Friday, my favorite albums of 2011! Don't sleep, twinks!

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