Friday, December 2, 2011

i love samsung

The quickest way to a real man's heart is to mock iphone fanbags lol.

Not sure if you have seen these new Samsung commercials for the Galaxy something or whatever. But watch as the twink on twink mocking makes me almost consider not buying an iPhone in September when our contract is up.

Well you're not gonna see me almost not consider buying an iPhone in September when our contract is up, but you're gonna see twink on twink mocking for sure.

When I think of the typical iPhone user, I don't think of my friends, who are iPhone users. Nah, I think of the whiny, crybaby, hipster dipshits depicted in the waiting lines in the commercial. The marketing homos at Samsung really nailed my skewed vision of the average iPhone user.

All that flashy marketing, a product that sells like crazy, snazzy features, deep flaws (lolworthy syncing, iTunes, Apple branding, etc.), all these attributes of the iPhone and Apple tell me I should hate my iPhone-using friends. But I don't.

So it is here that I apologize to the friends I have relentlessly mocked for sucking the deceased dick of Steve Jobs; you are not the horrible iPhone users I thought you were. And you can puff all the dead dong you want, weirdos.

But yo, you'll never catch me saying anything positive about iTunes. That shit whack.

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