Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The HATEPUMP continues with a super BLASPHEMOUS PUMP! Tis the season!

Bringing you this week's YULETIDE PUMPJAMS are Norway's most evil band, Gorgoroth.

Check out the former lead singer (hint: keep this image out of your head while masturbating).

And this is the same dude with his manboy-lover.

CRANK UP this BRUTAL pre-holiday BLASPHEMY PUMP! Warning, the video is kind of graphic and bloody, and there may or may not be boobies(!), however blood covered, and maybe a goat head on a stick.

Sweet video, eh? But SRSLY, how PUMPED are you?

You ever thought about writing a song called "Procreating Satan"? Yeah, me neither. But someone else did and it's evil and awesome and posted right below to ramp up that BLASPHOPUMP!

You not into dudes yelling and screeching, set to music? Listen as the interviewer asks Gaahl about his primary ideology that fuels Gorgoroth's music?

Wait for it!


Ever seen a dude ponder so thoughtfully, answer, then casually sip his wine? Didn't think so!

Let your PUMP guide you through these chaotic holiday times into an inner chill like our man Gaahl. Become at one with your PUMP.

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