Monday, November 21, 2011

what a shitty waitress

If it isn't bad enough that this story is about the second (2nd) (SECOND!) time in two weeks that we went to Frazer's to watch a Monday Night Football game, I don't know what to tell you.

So these bastards at the bar show the MNF game on all the TVs. Cool. But they leave the jukebox plugged in. Not cool.

Of course we roll up, two deep, a husband and wife fantasy football tag team of good looks and awesome, and the first thing we notice is the game all up on the BIG SCREENS (, DAWG!). But the second thing we notice is the lack of pre-game audio.

In it's place, a shitty Guns N Roses song. Wait, is there such thing as a shitty GnR song, sans Chinese Democracy? Well there is if it's during a football game. The exception of course is anything off Appetite for Destruction. But this wasn't off that album. Use your illusion my ass with those couple awesome tunes paired with 67% filler.

Anyway, that's not even the most horrible part, some fat schlub was the one rocking the jukebox. If it was a hot chick, OK, yeah maybe that's fine. Guess I spoke to soon, cause then our waitress was feeding the jukebox herself.

Naturally this was like ten minutes after we asked her if she could turn it off and turn up the game.

R U SRS? Heckyeahwoman definitely tipped her more than I suggested.

And to top it off, I lost my fantasy football matchup last week. Thanks Willis McGahee and Julio Jones, you fucking pussies, for leaving your games with injuries in the first quarter. Preeshin' that 1.7 and 1.4 points you respectively snagged for me.

And worse, literally minutes before I began to type this up, I got taken for a ride by Geico. Yeah, I asked to have them remove one of the fees from my renewal quote, and they decided that because my car isn't registered in Michigan, they would give me a new quote, only $70 higher!

I tried shopping around, but every place was seriously anywhere from $200-$350 more. WTF. So I called them back and resigned at +$70. OWNED.

But on the plus side, what are you doing right now? OK, or like three hours from now?

Me? I'm nursing a retarded hangover cause I got all week off! heh

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