Wednesday, November 16, 2011



What a crazy goddamn week it's been; I've never needed a HUMP DAY PUMP UP like I need one now!

Started my new job on Monday morning, which wouldn't have been so bad, but it took forever to get to the gym after work because of traffic, and then afterward we had to immediately head to the bar to watch the Packer game.

Watched the game, got home, and immediately went to bed. On top of that, I haven't been sleeping that awesome the last two nights.

Needless to say, I hate any deviation from my set or expected schedule. It pisses me off and stresses me out. See, I'm not perfect!

Still, there's a lot to be PUMPED about. Heckyeahwoman is cooking some delicious, marinated lamb chops as I type! I just put baby powder in my moccasins. I can bust out of my new job right at 5 and I think I found a traffic free route to the gym so I should be getting done a little earlier at night. I'm still racist (racy), sexist (sexy), and over all prejudiced as FUCK.

Even better and PUMPIER, here is a video of a baby monkey (A BABY MONKEY!!!) riding a dog! A BABY MONKEY RIDING A DOG!

...then chasing the little dog! DOUBLE CUTE AND TRIPLE PUMP OVERLOAD, CHODE.

We gotta finish this PUMP with a couple HARD ASS SONGS TO GET US THROUGH THE REST OF THIS WEEK. Trapped Under Ice just put out their new album, Big Kiss Goodnight, and it smokes. All the songs are super-hard, and this one, Jail, is one of the hardest. If this doesn't get you FUCKING JACKED, I don't know what to tell you. Go back to your Pavarotti Live CDs, twink

'Nother one from their earlier album, hard as nails right here. Don't let all the backwards Canadian sports team hats dePUMP you. Nah, just PUMP UP to the hard stylings of Trapped Under Ice's Believe. Love when bands get guest vocalists from the album to do their parts live - watch at the end as a huge black dude growls something about breaking the backs of gods. How PUMPY is that?!?!

Heck yeah, ride or die.

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jerry sandusky said...

What kind of dog is that?