Friday, November 18, 2011

27 times

27 times what?

27 times 13, in mathematics?

Something happened 27 times?

Nah. Let me explain.

I was in training for four hours yesterday afternoon and the trainer said "that would be a issue" 27 different times.

A issue.

27 times.

Yes, even I kept a tally on the scribbled notes I took. But you know, with me zoning in and out of consciousness, I wonder how many I missed.

As an writer, you can only imagine how infuriated I was. I mean, how do you not learn basics of grammar? How do you make it through your a large chunk of your adult life without somebody correcting you? A typo in a training packet? Totally acceptable.

But to stand there and lecture for four hours, just abusing the fuck out of the English language, wow. Worse, there were too many more grammatical errors to count. It was completely insane.

I have a feeling this job is going to provide a bounty of humor nuggets.

And speaking of 27...

1 comment:

beer said...

That guy should an hero, for speaking like that.

I was totally thinking of the Riverdales, too.