Monday, October 3, 2011


Welcome to the first edition of PHILOSOPHY WEEK!!! What exactly is PHILOSOPHY WEEK!!!, you ask? Well it's going to be a week-worth of posts, somehow related to philosophy, however tangential.

It could be a random thought I had while at the gym, driving in traffic, watching a movie, whatever. I'm not promising anything novel or earth-shattering, just a general, very general, theme to this week's posts. One thing you can be sure of is that I will use PHILOSOPHY WEEK!!! as a soap box to act better than you.

You won't find any utilitarianism here, folks. It's all about ME ME ME and what I have to say, turds.

Having recently lost my job, I was trying to think of excuses for myself, trying to find a scapegoat for my failures. Naturally, the last thing I want to do is blame myself, when it would be so much easier to just have a meltdown and lash out at others.

Besides, do I really want to come crying home to my hot, successful, smart wife all "wah wah I got fired?" Nah.

So I came up with a relatively happy medium, taking some of the blame directly off me, personally, and while still managing to deflect some of it still at me, though impersonally:

We're all human and many of our problems in life come as a product of humanity - our own humanity.

Yes, there are malicious people out to get you, but many times, our failures, our shortcomings, come from our natural human nature that leads us into the unpromised land of failure once in a while. It could be a multitude of things (forgetfulness, not being able to finish strong, procrastination, you being a fucking idiot, whatever), all things that we are mostly likely, at least acutely aware of, no matter how subconsciously. Probably things, bad habits, that we even want to fix.

The dude who gets fired at work doesn't get shit-canned because his boss loves to go around firing people. He got canned because he can't control his own impulsive, carnal urges that force him to whack off at his cube, in the women's bathroom again, in the conference room, everywhere. That's certainly not to defend his actions (though heck yeah, man as a corporate entity, completely and fully supports workplace-whackin'), this was just the first appropriate example that came to mind, not to mention what kind of spurred this partic'ler post.

And realizing that people are just human, many times not out there to specifically cause you harm by putting their own interests above yours, might be a great first step to reconciling the unsavory acts of others. The pain we may perceive as a supposed victim may merely be a byproduct of the poor decisions, the ignorance of another, or even many times, our own goddamn fault. Take a closer look; think about it objectively for once and you might see that you fucked up.

As humans, we are quick to judge, to first pretend that we are above reproach, that we are above succumbing to whatever it is that we are judging. We fail to put ourselves in another's shoes, instead deciding that we would never stoop to that level.

"I would never take a broad on a date to the movies, order a large tub of popcorn, cut a hole in the bottom, set it on my lap, and stick my wiener up through that hole. Yeah, I would never do that."

While many of us wouldn't, many still do.

But also easier said than done: not using that fallible-human defense as a crutch to defend our own excesses, poor choices, and dastardly deeds is a tough habit to break. My vices, bad habits or unacceptable offenses against humanity cannot be easily brushed aside with the "I'm only human" explanation, the same way I can't laugh off me repeatedly yelling at my wife over spilled milk because, "I have faults, man; I'm not perfect."

Also because my wife is awesome and doesn't care when I spill milk. In fact, after grocery shopping yesterday, I took each of the three brand spankin' new gallons of 1% milk just bought and threw them at the TV because THE HOUSTON TEXANS FUCKING KEEP DRAWING FLAGS WHEN RETURNING BLOCKED KICKS AND INTERCEPTIONS FOR TOUCHDOWNS AND THEY'RE MY FANTASY FOOTBALL DEFENSE THIS WEEK, and heckyeahwoman didn't even get mad.

Because of the nature of most crappy things that happen on an interpersonal level, everyday things - talking about actions sans any real malice - to spend time being crushed by the weight of the transgressions of another, or even circumstances truly beyond your control is to not be fully engaged in life.

And that kind of sucks.

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