Friday, October 28, 2011

help a metalhead

I saw this link on lamboat (a metal and hardcore website) and thought it would be great for a blog post.

Official press release:

Dane Wolf, known to many throughout the metal community as a skilled guitar tech, tour manager, and overall kind and hardworking human being, was badly beaten in Denver, Colorado last week while on the Death Angel/Testament/Anthrax tour. As a result, he had to drop off the tour and was recently released from the hospital in Denver. Dane's mother, Jenna Wolf, issued the following statement on Dane Wolf's Give Forward fundraising page:

"Please help in whatever way you can by assisting with his medical bills and upcoming travel expenses to and from Colorado when things go to court. There will be additional medical costs in the future as well, as he continues to recover and requires follow-up care. The goal has now been raised due to the amazing response of Dane's friends and family. Thank you so much for your continued support, and for sharing the link, and his story!"

The goal is to raise $7,500.00 to pay Dane's medical and travel expenses. Thus far, $3,760 (50%) has been raised. YOU can help a metalhead who worked a metal tour you attended by visiting and donate what you can. Every dollar helps!

It sucks that dude got beat the ferk up, for sure. But what did he get beat up for? The article makes no mention of the circumstances, leading us to believe they may have been sketchy in nature.

Did he save a hapless woman from being raped, and in the process wind up the victim?

Maybe he caught the business end of a crowbar after dropping n-bombs to a crew of people that don't appreciate n-bombs.

Who knows. But I find it funny that the article mentions he was "overall kind and hardworking". "In the grand scheme of things, yeah, he probably did more good than harm, but he hated black people."

Or, "overall, he was a good husband, but he had a really short fuse and often beat his kids and wife."

It's hard to say.

Apparently the goal was raised, because the family lowballed expectations about how much dude's friends and family would actually help lol. They wound up doing so well, that they're gonna try to snatch a little profit off the whole thing. Goal raised, keep giving!

The last sentence about how he is a metalhead who probably worked a show I attended is MINDBOGGLING. First, I haven't been to a show in a long ass time. And second, the last metal show I went to, everything was insanely overpriced - admission, music, drinks, merch. Plus there were a bunch of androgynous fruitloops with horrible, uneven, multi-colored haircuts in skinny jeans and tight black shirts. Now I'm supposed to help out a mere cog in the system that's trying to rip me off?

Ferk that. I paid admission for my ticket. I don't owe anybody else at the show a thing. If I wanted a record, I would have bought it. And for another post, fucking tip jars at merch tables, wow.

You help somebody out not because they took part in fulfilling your materialistic/consumer urges, but because you want to do the right thing. I have a feeling Mr. Wolf wouldn't give too shits about helping me out, even if I attended a show that he worked. Fuck that family and probably fuck you too.

Do I give a shit about the 8 year old Asian kid that put together the computer I'm currently ranting on? NO. Just like I don't give a shit about Steve Jobs, any nameless factory worker at Dodge, a random schmuck that binds books for a living, or any other turd who may have had a small hand in a product or service that I enjoy.

That's not how it works, buddy. If Mr. Wolf hadn't been available to guitar-tech for any given show, I'm sure another equally talented guitar-tech would step up.

It still boggles my mind that musicians solicit their fans and friends for donations when something happens - usually lack of health insurance related.

You want a security blanket, health insurance, benefits, whatever? Get a job that provides them. You following your dreams and having a hobby as a job is not my expense. Yeah I'd love to "write", "draw", or be a "songwriter", but reality hit, I've got an awesome wife and she didn't marry an attractive bum with a sweet hobby.

Maybe Mr. Wolf is an amazing dude, always helping others selflessly, whatever. Maybe there really is NOBODY on this earth that deserves charity more than Mr. Wolf. I don't know. Cheers to a speedy recovery though.

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