Friday, August 19, 2011

this is determination

8:34 AM, sometime last week.

Heading to work, a short 2.5 mile drive, just outside of downtown Ann Arbor. Stoplight, less than a block from the office...and it happens.

There he is. There it is.

A black Ford Fusion, must have been a base model. Nothing spectacular about it. The car itself is very average - very middle of the road. Very middle class. So middle class he didn't even pop for the leather seats in a goddamn Ford Fusion.

Then there's him. That guy.

The driver. The look on his face. The scowl, the hair, the sunglasses. Nothing middle class about that, nah. That face screams success. It screams "I'm a boss." "I'm a BAAAUUSSS."

I could almost see the gleam in his sunglasses-covered eye. At least that's what he everyone to see. Screaming determination without saying a word. But not the kind of determination you see on the football field or anywhere else that it matters.

This determination is forced. Fabricated.

That determined scowl, almost a sneer, came from hours spent practicing in the mirror in his two-bedroom apartment.

And for a brief couple seconds, I almost bought it.

He's there at the red light, waiting, just waiting for that light to turn, lightly revving the engine on his unsouped-up base model Ford Fusion. Yeah. He knows the game well. Mid-thirties douchebag trying to act cool, in spite of his obvious, obnoxious try-hard gelled hair.

Then arrives the one thing he didn't count on: me.

Yeah, up I pull in my clearly more masculine car, look over with a disgusted look on my face, same as I always do, at anybody.

The light turns, I blast the pedal to the floor, scream into motion and with a wicked tire squeal, and a half block later, fly into the office parking lot. Even though I didn't see it, I know for a fact he continued heading wherever he was heading, one eye on the road, other eye in the rearview mirror, reassuring himself that he's a BAAAUUSS: "Man, fuck that guy, I'm gonna do this shit, do this dog, I'm the fuckin' man."

And I know for a fact that the short smile-filled walk from the car to my office was filled with thoughts of blogs to come.

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