Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Yeah you knew this was coming!

FOOTBALL SEASON IS PRACTICALLY HERE. Truth is, I don't really care about football season as much as I care about FANTASY FOOTBALL SEASON.

Living in Ann Arbor, just outside of Detroit, I know a lot of Lions fans. Haha yeah, sucks for them. Only team to go 0-16. They're on the upswing now though and I see so much hope at the office you'd think Obama was there sewing the seeds of more of the same.

Not the case - no change, friends: both politically and with regards to the Lions. Check this out, how do the Lions compete with this?

Look closely and you can see Aaron Rodgers mouth something right before he steps up to the gun. I think he says, "man who da fugg r these twinkz? Watch dizz shih."

Then he threads the needle from 18 yards out TOUCHDOWN!

And yeah, that dude that got OWNED, the Colt's linebacker, his name is Angerer. ANGERER. That's his name. What a bad ass name.

Only way it could be any more bad ass is if somebody would have thrown an "I" in there to make it ANGRIER.

Sorry you got torched bro.

Had my first (of two) fantasy football drafts yesterday. It was awesome. I don't even know who I wound up drafting because I'm typing this up on Monday and will probably be too loaded on Tuesday to update this. All I know is I have the 5th pick yet I have no clue who I'm taking.

Really tempted to draft a bunch of Lions to spite this kid I work with. Seriously, homeboy worships Matt Stafford.

Speaking of chubby-faced illiterate goofballs in sleeveless t-shirts, watch him get crushed, cough up the rock, then watch in helpless horror as the dreaded Chicago Bears recover.

PUMP levels are high with that sweet shot!

And the creme de la creme of PUMPS, the final seconds of the 0-16 2008 season, at Lambeau Field. GET PUMPED LIONS FANS!

Here's to a PUMP FILLED WEEK, and hey, 2011's gotta be better than 2008, right!??!?


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