Friday, July 15, 2011

you only kinda own that property you own

Wow, so I was a-browsin' my facebook feed the other day (read: lurking the shit out of every single post), when posted an article about a couple building a fence.

A couple building a fence on their property, sounds interesting, eh? Until I started reading it. Have you ever become suddenly red with rage while reading a local news story about homeowners installing a fence?

Cause I totally did.

Note: that's just as much an indictment on me, the easily-angered asshole, as it is on what you're about to read.

Some new homeowners purchased a house in the Historic District, put up a nice fence, and got in big trouble with the city.

Most of you probably don't follow Ann Arbor official city business, and I don't much myself, but there are a lot of budget cuts that are being talked about - namely police, maybe fire protection, and probably education.

Luckily, things aren't so dire where Jill Thacher, the city's historic preservation coordinator, can still keep her job...doing what? Harassing the fine, tax-paying folks of this great city.

There are people getting mugged and beaten in a not yet hopeless-and-lost part of town, and Ace Deuce (Ann Arbor to the locals) can't afford to throw a little extra popo protection over there? Is it really for the greater good to harass people over fences instead?

Now if this were happening in Ypsilanti, I'd just say fuck it - most of what I've seen from that city is totally expendable. Except the $10/month Planet Fitness. And a certain couple businesses that employ my friends.

But back to the fence.

I guess the Historic District prohibits homeowners from owning their homes/putting up fences...fences that are put up on the corner of their property to keep people from trespassing on it. Jill Thacher thinks it's OK for you to trespass all over this couple's yard. In fact, in a recent interview, she invited all of Ann Arbor to have a trespassing-and-fuck-your-fence party at the couple's home, and then shared the address.

Yeah, she also expected the homeowners to provide snacks and refreshments.

The nerve!

Look at the picture; the fence looks nice.

Oddly enough, the Historic District does approve of chain link fences. Lol!

What's the takeaway here? It's obvious: let he or she who is without sin cast the first stone.

Meaning, do you follow every rule? Do you ever speed? Have you flicked a cigarette butt out your car window? You ever had a tiny bit too much to drink, and then drove home? Ever told a little white lie? I know you've jaywalked. I bet most of you used a fake ID when you were 18-20, too.

If that's the case, then I don't think you should be losing too much sleep over someone else's fence.

Let's hope our weekends are better than that of people who live in a world where you may potentially put up the wrong fence!


tmcelmurry said...

This is another example of giving too much power to city officials. I understand it's a Historic District, but come on...a chain link fence is approved, but not a rustic historically accurate looking fence, one that will look better over time than a rusted chain link. If they want that much control they should never allow the homes to be sold and just purchase them up and maintain it themselves. Very sad.

heck yeah, man said...

Thank you for reading! Yes it is indeed very sad, especially considering the "unhistoric" parts of the neighborhood that one of my friends pointed out: air conditioning units, power lines, women wearing pants while walking to work, etc.